The easiest way to do time blocking.

A digital planner that helps you focus on what matters

Works with Google Calendar.
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Is this you?

"I have too many meetings, too little time for focused work."

"I have a never ending todo list."

"It is hard to focus on my deliverables at work."

"Stressed because I don’t know whether I can finish work on time."

"I find time blocking inflexible and tedious."

TaskBlock can help

Take Control of Your Time

Meetings creep into our schedule, scheduling tasks and blocking off time on your calendar helps you stick to your tasks and prevents interruptions. TaskBlock manages your time by automatically blocking off time for things you need to accomplish.

Respond to Changing Priorities with Ease

TaskBlock is made for changing priorities. When priority changes, simply rearrange your tasks like you would on a todo list and tasks will be rescheduled based on priority. Your tasks are scheduled in the order as you would expect, there is no AI magic, just common sense.

Focus on Things that Matter

Todo lists are long because there are always more things you can do, but only a small number of them should occupy your focus at any given moment. TaskBlock helps by nudging your focus towards things you can accomplish soon, while keeping track of all the other tasks for you, so you can save time and mental effort from planning.

Intrigued? TaskBlock is now in early access